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The latest addition to the Lily's family of heaters is the Outdoor Heater on the Go 1500W heater which has an elegant design and compact setting. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, this heater is your perfect heating choice. This infrared heater is powerful and is easy to mount on walls and ceilings with minimum space utilisation. A sturdy construction with lifelong heating capacity makes this heater a compulsory addition to your office and personal spaces. It is equipped with several efficient features like power setting, automatic temperature control and heat level control with all of being controlled from a distance using the full feature remote control.

Infrared heating is the newest technology on the block that draws inspiration from the functioning of the sun. Heating objects directly with the infrared rays, energy is not wasted in heating the air. It transforms the floors, objects and individuals into the heated element in turn heating things around it. This leads to optimum utilisation of energy input and greater savings on energy bills.

The On on the Go infrared heater efficiently converts 100% of energy into heat instead of wasting energy input in heating the air around it. This effectively means more efficient heating. Save bucks on your heating bills by concentrating heat in the area required instead of heating the entire space. Energy efficient heat allows you to heat individuals, floors and zones directly. Within 10 minutes of operation, infrared heaters start their magic by heating objects. Instilled with the carbon fiber technology, this heater permits uniform heat distribution to remove the hot and cold cycles and also optimises input energy by producing 25% more heat than conventional heaters.

The On the Go heater demonstrates a meticulous design with fixing brackets that make it easy to mount it horizontally or vertically on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling. The sleek design allows you to fit it in any indoor or outdoor space elegantly. The exterior has plastic edges that make it heat resistant and the protective grill imparts lifetime guarantee.

It comes with a full function remote that is battery operated with push button allowing you to perform a variety of functions from a distance like automatic temperature control, timer functions, regulate heat levels to eliminate the hot and cold spots. Since all Blade heaters work on same frequency, it is simple to control multiple heaters mounted in an area using a single remote control.  The built in safety features like motion sensitive auto shut off and auto shut on, tip over protection and overheat protection ensure maximum security. With the high grade chemical covered shiny aluminium used in black model for that classy look, this heater will bring you warmth in areas you seek with a touch of elegance.

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