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  • Easily grates hard, aged parmesan, and cleanly slices tender and soft ripe tomatoes.
  • Enhanced vaccumized base with manual latch safely glues NUTRISLICER in place.
  • Enforced spinning wheel rotates smoothly and easily even while grating the hardest cheese.
  • Included are the NutriSlicer User Guide, and 3 stainless-steel drums that remain sharp indefinitely.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
Create healthy meals and snacks from scratch that everyone will like.
NutriSlicer is the perfect kitchen gadget for busy professionals or individuals
who want to simplify after-work life, because let's face it - who wants to
spend 2 or more hours slicing, cutting, and washing after a long day
of work?

NutriSlicer allows you to whip up a meal in minutes, and our dishwasher
safe product makes clean up a breeze. Save time, and remain healthy
with the NutriSlicer.
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