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  • HAND-HELD MONITOR: conveniently displays what the camera sees on a 2.4-inch screen. No more worrying about dropping your smartphone inspection camera in the toilet!
  • GENEROUS 4-FOOT CABLE: unlike an endoscope inspection camera, Lizard Cam’s generous 4-foot long serpentine cable bends and flexes to go where you need it.
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHT: discover lost objects, pipe clogs, and critter nests in the darkest corners and crevices thanks to Lizard Cam’s bright LED light fixed at the tip of the camera.
  • WATERPROOF CABLE: Lizard Cam’s waterproof cable means that you can investigate clogs in drains, toilets, and septic tanks without worrying about the camera shorting out.
  • INCLUDED: includes 1 Atomic Beam Lizard Cam (handheld view screen, 3 tips, storage bag, and 4-foot long cable with camera).

Flexible, micro-inspection camera. Struggling to see in tight spaces around your home? Lost a cat toy under the refrigerator? Or a sock behind the dryer? Maybe you have a clogged toilet. Atomic Beam Lizard Cam is the micro-inspection camera that gives you a set of eyes where you can’t see. It’s so easy to use. Simply turn on the hand-held base and feed the 4-foot cable with attached camera where you want to see. Snake the waterproof cable in your toilet to uncover that clog. Or feed into hard-to-reach places like under your refrigerator or behind appliances to find lost objects. Lizard Cam’s serpentine cable bends and flexes to reach exactly where you need it. The attached LED light illuminates the darkest crevices so you can always see what’s there. A must-have for any home-owner and renter!

Interchangeable tips. Lizard Cam includes 3 interchangeable tips and a travel case.

  • HOOK TIP – perfect for receiving jewelry you’ve accidently dropped down the drain or fetching cat toys stuck under the refrigerator.
  • MIRROR TIP – uncover critters behind appliances, discovering lint clogs in your dryer vent, or seeing underneath your dishwasher or any other heavy appliance that’s difficult to move.
  • MAGNET TIP – perfect for finding dropped metal objects in high-pile carpet, or where metal blends in with the surface it was dropped (making it difficult to see).

Each Atomic Beam Lizard Cam includes the handheld view screen, 4-foot cable with camera, 3 interchangeable tips, and storage bag.

Lizard Cam is the flexible, micro-inspection camera that sees where you can’t!

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