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The amazing Large Stuffed Giraffe 34 Inch Plush Animal by Fiesta will be the perfect buddy for your little safari adventurer! This big plush giraffe has a pleasingly realistic body shape, excellent tan and yellow coloring, and a fluffy brown mane that will make it an instant favorite. At thirty-four inches tall, this large giraffe stuffed animal might take up too much space in the bed but it is perfect for playtime and party time! Some stuffed animals are just more fun and this big giraffe is definitely one. Any playroom, classroom, or daycare would benefit greatly from the addition of this large stuffed giraffe. There's no doubt about it, this stuffed giraffe makes a big statement in an adorable plush way! What is it saying? 'Let's have big fun!' That's not too much for a big plush giraffe to ask, is it?

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